Tree Stump Removal & Grinding St. Louis

When you remove a tree from your yard, you’re left with an unsightly, rotting stump. This stump is more than an inconvenience, it can also be a hazard. People can trip over it, and it can also invite termites and other pests onto your property. At STL Stump Removal, we can quickly and easily remove your tree stumps so that you can enjoy the full space of your yard.

Stump Grinding Services

There are many ways to remove a tree stump, but the most effective way is through tree stump grinding. Fast and powerful, grinders can remove stumps that are hindering landscaping, driveways, walkways, and more. However, these machines are powerful, and they should only be handled by professionals. Thankfully, that’s what you have us for.

At STL Stump Removal, our tree stump grinding method involves the following:

  • Removing rocks, soil, and other debris from around the stump
  • Cutting away as much of the stump as possible
  • Using a grinder to grind away a stump to several inches below ground level

Why Choose Us?

STL Stump Removal has a team of expert contractors that can safely and effectively remove your tree stumps. Our services are quick and affordable, delivering complete customer satisfaction and quality tree stump cleanup. By hiring us, it’ll be like there was never a tree on your property to begin with!

To have us remove a tree stump from your property, contact us today either online or by phone at 314-707-0609.