Tree Stump Services St. Louis

Whether your trees are getting out of hand or you want to prevent them from getting to that point, STL Stump Removal is here to help. We provide professional tree services including tree debris clean up, leaf blowing, and curbside leaf removal. STL Stump Removal is your full-service tree care solution in the St. Louis area!

Tree Stump Removal

Cutting down a tree is only half of the problem; you also need to remove the stump if you want a clean, safe area for you and your family to enjoy. At STL Stump Removal, our trained technicians use professional equipment to get the stump removal job done right.

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Tree Stump Grinding

The quickest and easiest method of doing so is through tree stump grinding. The crew at STL Stump Removal are stump grinding contractors, specially trained to handle and maneuver grinders to effectively remove any stumps on your property.

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To learn more about our tree stump removal and grinding services, contact STL Stump Removal today either online or by phone at 314-707-0609.