Leaf Removal & Vacuuming

Leaf Removal & Vacuuming St Louis

STL Stump removal now offers leaf Removal and curbside leaf vacuuming. This allows homeowners to rake or blow there own yard (or we can do it for you) hire a young ambitious neighborhood entrepreneur or put there children/grand children to work. This avoids time consuming bagging, bag expense and moving heavy bags. Simply put leaves into piles no more than 8 feet from curb or driveway, call us and that’s it. We will come by and remove them. Charges are based on time to vacuum. Dry leaves vacuum much faster than wet leaves so leaves should not be piled up until ready for pick up to avoid expense. Also it is important to make sure there is no debris in the leaf pile such as litter, rocks, sticks or branches (bigger than your finger) children’s toys or dog toys ext.

These can damage our equipment and cost you much more due to the added time to sort out debris. Curbside Vacuuming price starts $55 Most yards small to medium size can be vacuumed up for the starting price. Larger yards, ones with many trees or customers who I only want this service done once a year will cost more due to the excessive leave accumulation. If removal done regularly it takes a lot less time. Your trees will only drop so many leaves each year. They could all be picked up at once or in multiple increments. Many of our customers prefer to have us come by on a semi regular basis This keeps their lawn always looking Great. Removing your leaves regularly beautifies your property,helps promote lawn health and allows it grow and thrive.